Rohan Wallace is an Australian registered Patent and Trademark Attorney with about two decades of experience. After almost six years operating as a sole trader under the Rohan Wallace Patent and Trademark Services brand, we have now moved to a corporate structure and are in the process of rebranding to IP SENTINELS Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

Over the next short period we will launch the full rebrand. In the meantime, you will start to notice us using the IP SENTINELS brand more. Rohan Wallace Patent and Trademark Services' Principal Rohan Wallace is now Managing Director of IP SENTINELS.

We specialise in patenting IT and mechanical inventions, registering designs and the registration of trademarks in Australia and overseas.

IP SENTINELS is a trading name of RWPTS Pty Ltd ABN: 69 600 730 452. RWPTS Pty Ltd is an Australian incorporated Patent Attorney and an Australian incorporated Trade Marks Attorney.



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Rohan Wallace


22 June 2015

Are innovation patents going?

ACIP now recommends abolition of the innovation patent system

11 June 2015

Of flat nosed syringes or if at first you don’t succeed

Having had the interlocutory injunction he granted overturned on appeal, Rares J has now determined at the substantive trial that both of Glaxo’s sy... more

28 June 2015

Patenting Medical Treatments – An Overview

Healthcare is one of the most economically-important areas in which patents are granted.  In no small part, this is due to the great expense and risk... more

The Patentology Blog (Dr Mark A Summerfield) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

21 June 2015

Patentability of Genes May Turn on Claim Construction

A Full Bench of all seven judges of the High Court of Australia heard oral arguments in the appeal by Yvonne D’Arcy in the Myriad Genetics BRCA gene... more

The Patentology Blog (Dr Mark A Summerfield) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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